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Houston hardwood floor refinishing
hardwood floors refinishing
hardwood floors installation
hardwood floors installation
hardwood floors installation
Houston custom hardwood floors re
hardwood floors installation
Houston hardwood floors refinishing
Houston hardwood floors company
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At Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists combines professional quality wood floor refinishing in Houston with affordable prices. We guarantee our services of hardwood floor refinishing , hardwood floor repairs and hardwood floor installation in Houston , Hardwood Floors water restoration with top trained staff with finest craftsmanship. We serve Residential and Commercial properties(Our Clients) in Houston, Katy, The Woodlands, Sugarland, Bellaire. No job is too big or too small for our floors refinishing and hardwood floors installation professionals to handle. We’re fully insured, bonded and licensed. Call 713-373-7147 or for a no obligation consultation today. Call us today for hardwood floors refinishing cost and for Free Consultation.


For wood floor refinishing Houston, you can count on the professional team at Hardwood Floors Refinishing Specialists, LLC to provide you with reliable, quality service. Family owned and operated, we've been serving the needs of people in Houston, The Woodlands, Katy and Sugarland for over 10 years, and we know what it takes to get the job done right. Call us today for more information. If you're thinking about hardwood floors refinishing and surrounding areas, you don't want to take any chances when it comes to hiring a professional to do the job.When you have your Hardwood flooring refinished it can keep its beauty and strength for a long time, as long as it is properly cared for. At Hardwood Floor Refinishing Specialists, LLC, we have the training, experience, and knowledge necessary to provide you with top-notch refinish wood floor Houston, and we guarantee our work 100%.


Hardwood Floors Specialists maintains crews of skilled and trained hardwood floors Installers, refinish wood floor Houston and floors refinishing Houston for both Installation and refinishing. Some hardwood refinishing Houston companies may specialize in a specific type of flooring, but we can do it all, any type of Hardwood Floors Refinishing Houston, wood floors Installation, or Hardwood floors repairs!

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-Refinishing Hardwood floor in Houston. When is it time?


-How to care for new hardwood floors refinishing?


-Hardwood Floors Refinishing Maintenance Tips?


-Wood Floors Refinishing Process?






















The cost to refinish hardwood floors in Houston is reasonable and based on a price per square foot of floor space.  Often, our cost including materials and labor to refinish your hardwood floors is less than the do-it-yourself cost, once you add up the floors refinishing sanding equipment rental and all the other unavoidable costs to refinish wood floors.  If you are considering redoing hardwood floors yourself, please understand the damage you can do when trying to resurface hardwood floors can be catastrophic if you are not experienced.  Hardwood floor sanding equipment can grind divots out of wood floors and leave waves of uneven surfaces if not handled properly.


Our process for refinish wood floors in Houston starts with preparation, which includes sanding and buffing. This creates a lot of dust, so we use state-of-the-art sanding equipment and a powerful vacuum system that reduces the inevitable dust to a minimum but we'll also cover any furniture in the area and close off any rooms that aren't being treated. You'll also need to be either out of the home during this time or in a part of the home that will be sealed off.


You can choose from a variety of stain colors that are available to either enhance or alter the natural color of your wood floors refinishing. We also provide bleaching services.


During the next step of the process we'll be applying a polyurethane finishing

coat to you newly stained hardwood floor refinishing, and most of the time it

will be the water-based type. This type has advantages because it is non-toxic,

and it dries quickly so we can apply several coats in one day. There are no harmful

fumes which mean that you, your children, and your pets will be safe. If you decide

that you'd like your hardwood refinishing to have a different color shade, we'll be

glad to provide staining for you as well. We'll be sure that you get the exact color

you're looking for. We complete the entire process as quickly as possible, and we

pay attention to detail during every step. Call us today to schedule an appointment

and to get a free cost estimate. 


Having your hardwood floors refinished is one of the easiest ways to drastically improve the look of your home. There isn’t an easier way to not only improve the beauty of your home but also preserve its value. Here are a few of the most common reasons why customers decide to have their floors refinishing in Houston:


• Floors are completely worn and have deep scratches


• Decided to remove carpet or linoleum and refinish

   the hardwood floors underneath


• Want to change the color of the hardwood floors


Hardwood Floor refinishing Preparation checklist


What Wood Floors finishes should I use?



Sanding and refinishing the floors means that we sand all of the finish off of the existing hardwood flooring and remove approximately  1/32" of wood Floors are coated with sealer and two coats of polyurethane. Most 3/4" hardwood floors Houston can be sanded 6 times as long as a Hardwood flooring specialist or  professional  hardwood floor company sands the floor each time needed.  Most Hardwood floors installers Houston are not certified to installed solid hardwood flooring on screeds, making the right choice to have A qualified wood flooring installers to have your hardwood flooring professional will be the difference investment the longest lasting value for the home that can be purchased if cared for by a professional Houston hardwood floors installers. The most commonly used finishes are oil base and water base polyurethane. Oil Base floors has a richer look over time.


hardwood floor refinishing
hardwood floor refinishing

Hardwood floor installation is a beautiful addition to any home. Install Hardwood Flooring Specialists is Houston leading custom hardwood floor installation service. We offer the widest selection of hardwoods and patterns to match any home interior. Fill out the contact form or call 713-373-7147 and we will give you a free quote for custom hardwood floor Installers.

We are committed to the best Hardwood flooring Installation in Houston for you with our highly trained Hardwood Floors. We are precise about every detail, from properly leveling your subfloor all the way to the durable seal at the end that will last for years to come.

Hardwood Floors Specialists skilled and experienced craftsmen generally install two basic types of new hardwood floors:

  • Solid hardwood in which every plank or piece is made out of a solid piece of wood. Solid hardwood floors come is a wide variety of different thicknesses and widths and in a range of different types of wood.

  • Engineered wood floors in which each plank or piece is a composite made of 10 thin layers of wood bonded together in a cross ply formation to give it strength and durability. Engineered wood floors also come in different thicknesses and widths and styles.

Both solid and engineered hardwood floors look beautiful from the very day they are installed, and the appearance and patina improves even more with age. With proper maintenance and regular scheduled cleanings by Hardwood Floors Specialists a properly installed hardwood floor will gleam like new for many years to come.

And if ever you need a spot repair or touch up, or even for an all over refinishing Hardwood Floors Specialists will be pleased to provide service.

We offer hardwood flooring installation in Houston, The Woodlands, Katy, Sugar Land, Bellaire, Spring and surrounding areas. We have many satisfied customers from all over Houston. Using the finest hardwood floor materials, we are your premier choice for hardwood flooring installers.

Hardwood Specialists offers free quotes on all of its installation services. Give us a call at 713-373-7147 or fill out the contact form to get started.

Superior craftsmanship combined with 15 years of experience! We will bring the showroom


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